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Our services include: mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones and tablets, desktop and mobile web design & development, web apps and API's, UI and UX design, SEO, branding, and marketing, content management systems, CRM and enterprise cloud software, specialist and bespoke cloud systems, consultancy and auditing, hardware purchasing and support.

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Mobile Apps

Apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows.

Web Design & Development

Mobile & desktop web design and development and Content Management Systems.

CRM's and Enterprise Systems

Customer relationship management and enterprise systems.

Full Service Solutions

We can provide full systems analysis to highlight your bottlenecks and improve your company's workflow.

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Making your business mobile Making your business mobile.

Specific Systems Business Technology Technology working for you.

Specific Systems Business Technology Taking your business into the cloud.

"by first understanding the necessary requirements and objectives of our clients, we can develop the best service, solutions and models for their ideal IT solution"

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Mike, Georgeson McCarthy I would most definitely recommend them to other businesses, they made it so easy for me...

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What’s the best phone for mobile app gaming?

What’s the best smartphone for mobile gaming… The specs war continues to rage, with RAM and processors being boosted every year. When it comes to gaming, the options have never been better. However, really all you need is one device, for now and the near future… the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge! The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge […]

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Snapchat’s iOS app allow you to add moving emoji on videos

Snapchat’s latest mobile app update now lets you put emojis on top of video snaps. So if you’d like to place, say, a “Smiley Face” emoji on top of your video, just record the clip (or choose from your existing vids!) and tap the emoji button at the top of the screen. After that, choose your emoji, drag […]

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