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ui and ux design.

We design beautiful, clear user interfaces and engaging unforgettable user experiences for all platforms on all devices; from small screen high resolution iPhones to large screen low resolution touch display units, we have the knowledge to design something truly unique.

User interfaces and user experience play heavy roles in the digital world we live in. From websites and mobile apps to custom software and cloud systems, they are both integral in enabling fluent, concise and immersive interaction between humans and digital devices.

If you have existing software that needs improving or looking to see the best way to have multiple buttons, options and choices in a limited area then we can help! Our dedicated team of digital designers and engineers will work hard to give your users the best possible results.

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cross-platform UI and UX design.

Majority of the time a digital product will not be limited to a single platform. It will more than likely be cross-platform and need to adjust according to screen size. This is most evident with desktop and mobile websites where the same information is displayed on both mobile and desktop devices. UI's and UX's should smoothly switch between the various platforms while still being familiar to their users.

Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, Mobiles

We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate our clients' needs for cross-platform compatibility and user engagement between devices whether it be a mobile app, specialist bespoke software, cloud systems or simply a website, we have the ability to transform the look and feel of your software application to enhance user experience and make it as simple as possible to get the data they require.

our design and development knowledge.

We have someone in-house for everything to ensure that we know exactly what we're doing! If you are considering using a freelance web designer, stop and think for a moment.

How can a technical programmer also have a creative design qualification and have in-depth knowledge of consumer markets?

People are generally either technical, creative or business minded. A professional software company such as Pipe & Piper will always utilise different specialists for each of the various components necessary to build a successful digital solution.

All Pipe & Piper's staff all work together as a professional team to provide high-end, innovative software. This allows us to build the IT solution that will be aesthetically stunning, easy to use, achieve its business objectives and ultimately work for you.

related services.

Mobile Apps

From iOS, Android and Windows apps, to iPhone's, iPad's, tablets and smartphones; we create beautiful, usable mobile applications that work seamlessly across an ever increasing number of devices.

Web Apps & APIs

We build engaging multi-platform web apps & APIs that connect your mobile technology within applications to websites & desktop systems. Using the latest technologies, we're able to connect to all your platforms.

Web Design & Development

We design & develop uniquely bespoke websites which balance beauty and usability. From beautiful brochure sites & blogs to the most complex e-commerce sites and social networks, we strive to deliver the very best.

CRM & Enterprise Systems

We build bespoke & specialist cloud based CRM’s that deliver results from lead to sale! Our commercial & enterprise experience enables us to deliver cloud systems to any organisation with any infastructure.

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