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mobile apps.

We design and develop bespoke mobile apps for every business sector. From internal staff applications through to commercialised consumer apps, we have the skills and experience to deliver powerful and engaging mobile solutions.

mobile app developers at pipe and piper, sheffield

From iOS, Android and Windows apps, to iPhone's, iPad's, tablets and smartphones; we create beautiful, usable mobile applications that work seamlessly across an ever increasing number of devices.

You have an idea for an app, a concept, and you need the expertise and professional input to realise your vision. Here at Pipe & Piper our Sheffield based app developers and creative team can quickly turn your idea from concept to reality.

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cross platform apps.

With an ever increasing number of devices on a multitude of different platforms, it's important that you understand what you and your customers need; It's no good building an app specifically for iPhone if the majority of your users have Android devices! Let us work with you to understand your target audience and suggest the best way forward with you mobile apps.

Mobile Platforms, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows

We cater for the latest versions of Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry on every smartphone, tablet and emulator.

the mobile market in 2014.

Mobile device platforms infographic 2019

The mobile market is ever increasing. It is estimated that over 1000 new devices are purchased every day in the UK and where once mobile devices were prominently Apple's iPhone, things are now changing in favour of Google's Android operating system.

With Windows Phone, Blackberry and others only attributing to 7% of the entire mobile market, it's becoming clear who the dominant players are. It is estimated that by the end of 2014 Google's Android operating system will be present on almost 55% of all mobile devices, this includes all smartphones, tablets and watches!

If you're not sure what you're customers are using then let us help, we can carry out research to detail your consumers.

we build apps that are right for you.

Our process begins with a detailed analysis of your business and technical goals, technology requirements and budgets. We use the unified process and iterate rapidly through design, prototype and application development.

We closely interact with you during all stages including development, testing and deployment and make sure your satisfied with your mobile app before it's published and signed off.

Our involvement doesn't end there. Upon completion, our team will support the app on an on-going basis to ensure its success.

related services.

Web Design & Development

We design & develop uniquely bespoke websites which balance beauty and usability. From beautiful brochure sites & blogs to the most complex e-commerce sites and social networks, we strive to deliver the very best.

Web Apps & APIs

We build engaging multi-platform web apps & APIs that connect your mobile technology within applications to websites & desktop systems. Using the latest technologies, we're able to connect to all your platforms.

UI and UX Design

We design sleek, user-friendly interfaces & engaging, rich user experiences for a wide variety of platforms including mobile apps & websites through to bespoke back office software.

Specialist Cloud Systems

If your organisation needs new software then you've come to the right place! Let us provide you with tailored cloud software that will significantly improve efficiency across all your business sectors.

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