For a couple of months now, mobile users have been automatically redirected to their relevant app store as a prompt to download various well known games. Both Android and iOS users have been targeted, taking their respective users to games such as Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Game of War, Zelda Dungeon, and other titles.

The issue involves well known ad networks that should really be blocking and removing these ads but aren’t. Thousands of users have been effected which has led to poor user experience and a general “loss of faith” with well-respected and popular apps such as eBay, Imgur, TwitPic and many others.

In Imgur’s case, Reddit users informed the company about the problem over two months ago and have been consistently providing feedback. Just over a week ago, the company responded on its own website to state that they were looking into the issue but could not clearly identify the ad network that was at fault.

These auto re-directing ads have been affecting both Android and iOS platforms but not just on mobile devices. Desktop and mobile websites have also been affected by the third party ad networks involved. To make matters worse, the ads move around which makes them difficult to pin down and block. At the moment it is unknown which ad networks have been involved and it has been suggested that the ads change once they have been approved, making them even more difficult to identify and remove.

In addition, networks sometimes buy inventory from other networks, blurring the line as to who’s responsible but it has been reported that Google’s AdWords and AdSense have now resolved this problem.

Other apps and websites that have been effected have simply removed the gaming category of ads on their platforms which has prevented them from appearing. We’d recommend taking this action if your website or app has been effected until the issue has been resolved.

Medium to large organisations have been waiting to delve into the mass of information that they gather about their customers, particularly in digital trends. Mobile and cloud technology appear to be at the very top of that list but what does this actually mean for those organisations?

Ovum expects a significant wave of business technology ramp-ups in 2014, in response to the market demand. They are predicting that many businesses will fail to act on the data they possess keeping with existing ‘future-less’ systems in an act to save money. However, some will move forward with this new found information they have spent so long obtaining and really push the boat out to grow their IT services ecosystem to create more immersive, engaging, and quicker ways to engage with their systems.

The number 1 priority for those ready and willing to progress their IT ecosystem will no doubt be looking at diversifying their existing IT solution. The biggest game changer that companies will find useful is the transition from traditional ‘desktop’ software to the new cloud systems which don’t require terminals with multiple areas for problems to occur. The cloud systems operate under a single umbrella, all data and computing takes place in a single area as opposed to every computer on the network creating the requests. This tied with the power of new servers and the speed at which most internet connections are currently running means that some systems will be up to 80% more efficient meaning less time waiting and more time working.

Perhaps bad news for employees but certainly good news for employers!

Websites are still in evolutionary process, they continue to support and introduce new great features; which enables us to view richer content more easily than ever before. It’s always exciting to imagine what could be next for the www. Here in this article we delve into what’s currently hot this year in terms of web design.

Single Web Page

Lots of creative companies are going down the route of having a single page website. These sites utilise the navigation links to scroll to the relevant section. There are several positive and negative impacts single pages can have on a design. If Single Page is well designed then, you should be able to stay clear of most of it’s detractors, it’s worth knowing that there is a lot of work goes into making a single web page a slick and interactive product.

Positive Impacts

  • Design looks creative and free flowing
  • Looks different to the more traditional box layouts
  • Content is already loaded so decreased loading times per section

Negative Impacts

  • Harder for the design agency to maintain (may increase the cost)
  • The company that has a single web page is mainly reliant on their website designers to maintain the website
  • Not great for SEO as all sections are loaded on one page and not split into different cacheable URLs
  • Slows initial loading time for webpage as all content is loaded at once.
  • Website can confuse user if not extremely clear workflow

There’s no right or wrong way to design a website but there’s definitely some food for thought when thinking about implementing a single page app.

Single Page Web Apps
A great example is Purple Orange a PR company.


We are seeing increasing numbers of web apps deploying a minimalistic approach. There have been several influential products which have had an impact on this trend. Especially with the new windows 8 metro design for tablets, mobiles and desktop computers. Has seen many new websites spawning being heavily influenced by the windows design. Another example great example is the new XBOX 360 dashboard, this like the metro design is both simplistic and easy to use. This minimalism hides huge volumes of content into more palatable bite-sized chunks.

Windows 8 Metro UI
A great example of a minimalistic approach which has influenced many new websites


The use of typography in web design has always been considered by many an art form, since the inclusion of @font-face we have seen a huge reliance on custom fonts to change the way we view websites. This art form is not just appreciated by web designers but everyone! This year has seen some fantastic websites take advantage of some of the extremely elegant fonts that are now available. Whilst websites in the past have incorporated  typography as a large part of the design process, we are now starting to see nearly every major website rely on this technique.

Great typography web design trends
Image from

Fixed Headers

The year of the fixed headers! This is a funny one because the ability for a user to have a fixed navigation bar has always been available, however it’s only been widely adopted by many sites fairly recently. The fact that fixed headers are so easy to incorporate begs the question of why have they not been around sooner?

However having fixed headers provides many advantages…

  • Brand Building -It helps build the sites brand as the logo and brand name are always viewable
  • Easier Navigation – Helps people navigate around your website more easily
  • Stops Unecessary Scrolling – It can more often than not prevents the need to scroll all the way to the top/bottom of the web page
  • Improves Usability – By improving the usability of the site you are in turn increasing the pleasure factor of the visitors viewing experience.

Fixed Headers Web Design Trends
Facebook has had a fixed header for years but only now has many other websites followed suit.

Responsive web design

Web design trends in 2013 could not be complete without mentioning the rise to prominence of “responsive web design”. It has been around for a while, like many other techniques listed, however the amount of sites that now offer a responsive layout to it’s users is only ever increasing.

responsive web design
Our Pipe & Piper Responsive Design

The web is only heading in one direction and that is mobile, this is why many websites cater for different devices and screen sizes. A responsive website allows the owner of the website to serve the same content but to be displayed differently depending on your device. It’s a really cost effective way to reach as many people as possible, it’s very important not to alienate your visitors.

Stay up to date with the Latest Trends

With Pipe & Piper you can guarantee your business gets a head start by knowing your website is at the forefront of the digital age. Whether your in Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster or anywhere in the Yorkshire area we have happy clients all around the UK, so location is no problem for us!

There’s been a long history of disgusting animations on websites since the early days of the web, things such as the <marquee> tag which allowed web developers to scroll text the page in a jagged fashion, also not forgetting the ever present animated GIF which allow for multiple pictures to appear in a slideshow like fashion.

This is some extremely annoying marquee text scrolling for your pleasure..

However now with ever increasing CSS3 support for modern browsers we can make the most of 2D & 3D animations. Even the old enemy is getting on-board with the new IE10 achieving some impressive  Acid Test scores abd also proving to be quite successful with the HTML5 support!

Adding animate.css

So.. with this in mind step in designer Dan Eden. His project animate.css allows developers to easily add a whole host of animations by simply adding CSS classes to any HTML element.

Here’s just a shortened list of what’s achievable.

  • Flippers
  • Fading entrances
  • Fading exits
  • Bouncing entrances
  • Bouncing exits
  • Rotating entrances
  • Rotating exits
  • Lightspeed


Checkout this example

Click me for demo.

Other websites using Animate.css

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