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Technology working for your business

Making technology work, really work; for your staff and your customers isn’t easy. Many companies make the mistake of working around technology which ends up being nothing more than problematic, time consuming and a constant compromise on service.

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Tips on taking your business mobile

Learn how using the mobile web and mobile apps your business can thrive and offer a truly unique experience to your customers. From apps and mobile website to QR codes and mobile marketing read these few simple tips and create a strategy that works you.

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iPhone 5s, 5c and iOS7, not long now!

Its only a matter of days now before the new iPhone’s are released in the public domain! We’ve had chance to play on the new iOS7 operating system and it has some great features! All you iPhone fans out there will be happy to hear that there are features unique to the new OS that […]

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Web Design Trends of 2013

Websites are still in evolutionary process, they continue to support and introduce new great features; which enables us to view richer content more easily than ever before. It’s always exciting to imagine what could be next for the www. Here in this article we delve into what’s currently hot this year in terms of web […]

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Android and iPhone App Developers in Sheffield – Choose Your Market!

As mobile apps become more and more popular it’s important that your chose the right platforms for your markets. If your customers are in the app marketplace then iPhone or Android based systems will be your best bet. Alternatively working within the public sector means that Blackberry should be your desired platform. What are app […]

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Why businesses shouldn’t overlook the potential of Mobile Apps

The newest and now standard mobile phones or “smartphones” such as Apple’s iOS based iPhone or Samsung’s Google Android based Galaxy’s offer an array of amazing capabilities for the user. Primarily among these improvements, was the creation and development of mobile applications or simply; “apps”. We’re not talking about just a mobile version of a […]

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Why we should take the mobile web seriously

There has already been a tectonic shift in the way we view content on the web. The mobile web isn’t the future it’s the present and for any business to ignore the demand that’s clearly there is simply madness. If you owned a shop, you wouldn’t turn away people in blue t-shirts, would you? So why […]

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Get your business ranked higher in Google quickly with our SEO tips

Unfortunately there’s no magic solution which just places you at the top of Google. Many companies past and present have spent vast sums of money trying to achieve this and it’s just not realistic. There is hundreds and thousands of blogs and articles online that will give you the latest trick or hack will cheat your way to the top, but in the end they won’t work. Google’s search algorhythm is so advanced and constantly evolving it will punish your website eventually. However all is not lost there are definitely things you can do to improve your chances of rising to the top!

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