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How to ‘hard refresh’ your browser

Does your web page look out of sorts following a recent update? Or perhaps an old image is still showing despite the fact you’ve been told it has been updated? A hard refresh may be needed. Please take a look at the infographic below. This details how to do a hard refresh in the most […]


Adobe Flash has officially been discontinued by Adobe

Adobe Flash Player was the browser plug-in that brought rich animations and interactivity to the early websites. Originally released in 1996, “Flash” was one of the most popular ways for people to stream videos and play games online but it was plagued with security problems and failed the tranistion into smartphones which ultimately has led […]


UK data analytics firm Dataform bought by Google Cloud

Google Cloud has acquired a London-based startup called Dataform that builds tools to manage data flows for enterprise customers. The company is described as an “operating system” for data warehouses and some of its co-founders are ex-Google employees. Its platform aims to help data-rich businesses draw insights by mining data stored in warehouses. This is something […]

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1. Text Highlights and Underlines There’s always been an unwritten rule in website design that text uses more plain styles. Bold is acceptable, italics are OK from time to time, but underlining is seldom used. This design trend bucks that concept with text elements that use highlighter or underline elements to emphasize key words. And […]