Core PHP vs Laravel

The web industry is fast moving, and ever changing. With new frameworks and libraries becoming “standard” every 3-5 years, it is important not to fall behind and select the correct options for building websites and apps.

Core PHP vs Laravel

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework which aims to provide a base to build powerful and fast preforming websites on. Along with this, it brings security features into its core system, which core PHP does not have natively built in. Many of its functionalities are pre-built, meaning websites are able to be created faster, rather than having to start from scratch each time. Laravel has a strong community which write plugins and documentation, making it easy for anyone to get started using it.

What is Core PHP?

Using Core PHP mostly any dynamic website can be made. It also provides the base to all PHP frameworks, so it is vital to have a good understanding of Core PHP to be able to build effective web applications and systems. While it does not provide a base or any pre-made templates to quickly build a website on, it does provide the most powerful set of tools on which anything can be built. For an experienced team Core PHP can be beneficial to use, however, it is quickly falling out of favour for more modern frameworks.

Our Choice

Moving forward we are moving away from core PHP to more modern frameworks such as Laravel for our Web and CMS systems. Bringing our clients the latest in scalable and efficient technologies is of upmost importance. While we can’t use Laravel to build Mobile Applications, we are always actively searching for the next technology which will allow us to elevate the quality of our systems.