Windows 11 Officially Announced

On Thursday 24th June, Microsoft officially announced the upcoming Windows 11 operating system. 11 will be a free upgrade to anyone running Windows 10 and brings a revised interface design.

What’s new with Windows 11?

Interface Updates

Windows 11 has moved to a “glass” like appearance, akin to that of Vista’s released in 2006. This time, Microsoft has opted to take on a modern approach as opposed to a futuristic take on the user interface and experience.

Task Bar Changes

The task bar and search menus have been moved to the middle (though there is an option to change this back to left align), which is now closer to resembling Apple’s macOS Monterey.

Android App Support

Android apps will now natively run in Windows just like a normal application meaning you’ll be able to use any app that is on your phone, and continue it right on your computer. This lessens the need for progressive web applications as anyone will be able to install any app currently available on the Google Play Store to their PC.

Release Date & Cost

Windows 11 will be available to download in the “Holiday 2021” period as an upgrade to anyone who is currently running Windows 10. This upgrade will be completely FREE! Anyone who does not have Windows 10 will be expected to pay the same price of 10 (£119.99).

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